Webinar Arleta Academy

On the 31st of July 2021, Arleta held a webinar to start off their new project, Arleta Academy. Founded in 2014, Sayap Production, now rebranded as Arleta, had one purpose which is to make Augmented Reality (AR) available to all, especially in Malaysia. Since then, Arleta has participated in and started many projects to make AR a common sight in Malaysia.

One of Arleta’s newest endeavours, Arleta Academy, is a project to familiarize the use of AR in education. The main purpose of Arleta Academy is to provide teachers with the resources to create AR for the classroom be it in guidance or in a platform. The best way to introduce something new is to make it accessible to the younger generation, the future of the country.

A screenshot of the Webinar

Arleta believes AR will take over the mainstream and become a norm in the near future. Therefore, it is important to educate the public to not be left behind in the rapidly changing environment of the world.

The webinar itself took about 2 hours. It consists of a brief introduction to Arleta and AR. It is then followed by the very first class on how to create your own AR. A total of 30 people participated in the webinar, all of them teachers from different schools around Malaysia. Many gave back positive feedback while others wanted a longer time to learn the steps to creating their very own AR module.

Some of their feedback is as so:

‘Great app, I hope this app will make it easier for us to create AR.’

‘Very beneficial and I look forward to the next webinar!’

The webinar was accepted with much excitement and the teachers were very cooperative. They asked all kinds of questions and in return, the instructor of the webinar, Mr Saiful, also answered as enthusiastically.

During the webinar, a simple quiz was done. The winner gets an exclusive AR version of their school’s logo.

Aside from a few technical issues, the webinar went by smoothly with many teachers ready and hungry for more knowledge on AR. The next webinar will be done in the nearest future so look forward to it! We, at Arleta, are constantly trying to improve ourselves in our app and our projects. We will do our best to make the next Webinar more fun and beneficial to everyone!

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