Integrating AR to fit the new norm

image credit - IKEA

CoVid-19 is still very much a threat despite how long ago it came into existence. Late 2018, no one knew what this disease was and who would have guessed it would make such a big impact 3 years since then. All kinds of actions have been taken to ensure the decrease of cases, but there is no clear way to cure this disease. The one possible way to stop the increase in cases of CoVid-19 is by staying at home and not contribute to the spreading of said virus. Hence, our current situation.

The new norm

Social distancing, wearing a mask, and checking temperatures are all included in the new norm. What is the new norm? Norm refers to normalized behaviour. Before, we shake hands as we meet people, sit next to each other on our way back home and such activities. Now, however, people must sit at least one meter from one another. No handshakes, high-fives or any such bodily contact is allowed. Society is changing and this norm is pushed forward.

How is the new norm affecting daily activities?

In every way, people have to adapt to this new behaviour. How different would it be? A lot.

Everything has moved into the online space. From learning to shopping, normal things that used to require physical presence are relying heavily on the internet. For good reason. To avoid further spreading of the dangerous virus.

How can Augmented Reality help?


As I said before, people are now relying on the internet instead of going to stores to buy things. Augmented Reality is a technology that puts a digital image into the real world via a device, usually a smartphone. This is very handy for things that requires measurements like shirts and furniture. Even cat towers need to be measured before purchase.

AR can help you visualize the product in reality. One example of AR usage for this purpose is the app called IKEAPlace, developed for IKEA. In this app, you can place Ikea furniture models in your living room to see whether it will fit.


AR can also do this for fashion. A model of that shirt you want can be made into an AR model and you can test it out on your phone. The colour doesn’t fit you, change colours. The size seems too big, change the size. AR technology can make a virtual fitting room and don’t we need this in our life? No more hassle to return shirts that are too small because the measurements stated are unclear.


You can refer to the article Augmented Reality: Teaching Aid for Online Learning.

In general, AR can help in having experiments in a safe space, improve student engagement, save budget and be accessed anywhere.

AR teaching aids are a cheaper alternative to the ones physically in labs. Plus, it is accessible to all students. Teaching and learning can be made more interactive and interesting with the usage of AR.


Due to the lockdown, the entertainment industry is going through so many restrictions. Concerts, variety shows and even filming are either stopped or restricted.

How can AR be of help to this industry?

Currently, there is a prohibition on holding concerts. However, with AR, you can enjoy watching a concert as if you’re there. It’s slightly different from watching a Youtube video.

Recently, Pepsi has created an AR concert featuring Siti Nordiana. For fans of Siti Nordiana, it is an experience they would not want to miss.

Apart from concerts, celebrities have fan meet-ups to engage their fans. This is one important way for celebrities to connect with the public. The pandemic has halted all activities like these. Then again, not just for this new norm, meeting celebrities is not that easy. AR can help give people the opportunity to meet the celebrities they admire.

Haqiem Rusli, the first Malaysian artist to ever use AR in their MV
source: YouTube

Arleta AR has made this possible when Haqiem Rusli was promoting his song ‘Jatuh Bangun’. During the promotion, fans of Haqiem Rusli can take pictures with him through the Arleta app. This feature may be a new way for fans to interact with their favourite celebrities.


Yes, the world is changing and we have to change with it. Before phones were a thing, we relied on letters. Before, AR is but a dream but not anymore. Iron Man’s holographic screen? It is possible.

Get ready for the change with Arleta.

Here at Arleta, we want to make Augmented Reality available to all. We make it our mission is to familiarize people with Augmented Reality in their daily activities be it in education, problem solving or entertainment through our platform, Arleta AR.

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