Augmented Reality Business Card

As outdated as it may sound, yes, people still use business cards. Those cards that have your name and contact details, they are still valid despite the rapidly developing technology of the world. Why? Simple, at some point in history, business cards have made its mark in the professional culture. People have spent years creating, printing and exchanging business cards in an attempt to connect with people. This is because the likeliness of someone contacting you is higher with business cards rather than without.

Augmented Reality Business Card

However, technology is advancing and we have to stay up-to-date. Not to mention, now that CoVid-19 is still very much a threat, how would anyone exchange business cards? Here is a proposition for you. What if I tell you there is a way to share your business card without having to see people?

The solution you seek for may lie in Arleta’s latest product: Augmented Reality Business Card.

What is it?

Augmented Reality (AR) Business Card is a business card that seems simple but can be brought to life with additions of digital elements. The card can be as minimalist as you want but can still pique someone’s interest.

What does this card look like? On the outside, like a regular business card but when you scan it through the Arleta app, the words on your card comes alive. Not only that, it is also available for virtual business cards.

How does this card work?

To answer this question, you must first understand how AR works.

There are two ways to access Augmented Reality content.

Marker-based: requires an object in the real world to be a recognized by the app as a marker. Once the marker is scanned, the AR elements will pop out from the marker.

User-target: The user decides the target on where the content will appear. One specific content is not bound to one specific target. This means that people have to only click on the content they want to see and use any kind of object as a marker, not necessarily a card.

For the AR business card by Arleta, the AR will be both marker-based and user-target. For the marker-based AR, the marker would be the business card. However, due to the current pandemic and Movement Control Order, the user-target feature will also be included in Arleta’s AR business card. Once the AR elements is ready, the AR will appear on the card.

How to scan the card?

Marker-based (using physical cards):

  1. Download the Arleta AR app
  2. Point your phone onto the card
  3. The AR will pop up on the screen

User-target (virtual cards/using links):

  1. Download the Arleta AR app
  2. Get the link of the virtual card
  3. The link will bring users to the Arleta app.
  4. Once in the app, users can pick their own marker.
  5. The AR will pop up on screen

I hear you asking: Why should you have this card? Here are 3 reasons to use an AR Business Card:

Instant access to socials

Surely, you’d put your contact information on your business, right? That is the main point of business cards. Well, when an AR Business Card is scanned, it takes but a click to call your phone number or even to access your social medias. It is both interesting and convenient. There is no room for entering the wrong number or typing the wrong e-mail.

Still not convinced?

People will remember you

A study has been done by Zappar in collaboration with Neuro-Insights to see how Augmented Reality affects the brain and one of those effects are the contents become more memorable.

Even in spite of that, Augmented Reality has only entered the mainstream 5 years ago and that is mainly because of Pokemon GO. In Malaysia, AR is fairly new so having one would have the ‘surprise’ factor. When you demonstrate how your card has AR features, it will entice others to at least try it out. That experience will make that card – which in turn make you – memorable.

Highlight your products

With this AR business card, you can add pictures, videos and even 3D models to show others what you are selling. For example, if you own a bakery, you can add pictures of the pastry you make or a 3D model of one of your decorated cakes. If you are an agent of Coway, you can put a 3D model of your product in your card so that you don’t have to bring the product everywhere you go.

If you are ready to spice up your business card, e-mail us at or call 010-435 2586 (Fitri) for more information.

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta: