Making advertising fun with Augmented Reality

We’ve covered the difference of VR and AR before but today, let’s look deeper into Augmented Reality. Specifically, let’s look at its use in advertising. We have seen what Augmented Reality can do in the gaming department, taking Pokemon GO as an example. So now, let’s see one other potential of Augmented Reality.

The Current Advertising Situation

Just as technology sees advancement through the years, everything else has to catch up. From every house owning just one land line, it is now essential that everyone owns at least one smartphone. Everything is not only available online but essential to human lives. You don’t have to go far, just look at MySejahtera. For anyone to go anywhere in Malaysia currently, it is a must to scan the QR code on their MySejahtera app to ensure everyone there can be traced in the unfortunate event of a covid-19 case.

This situation forces traditional advertising into a corner as people are urged to not wander around for no important reason. Billboards that used to catch the attention of hundreds maybe thousands who drive through a certain area are only sighted by the few who has to go to work. Fliers become a hazard and physical newspapers are slowly losing its importance. Traditional advertising has become limited and not just because of technological advancement. Now, people are moving towards digital advertising. Social media has become an important channel for information and people who don’t use it may be left behind.

Now then, where does Augmented Reality come in? AR is used to combine digital and reality. Watching videos is fun and all but what if I tell you there are advertisements you can interact with? What if while watching a video, you can get a preview of the product on your phone? Interesting, no?


Let’s say you’re watching a commercial about a robot toy. The commercial is cinematic but you’re left to wonder what it looks like in actuality. Something like LEGO’s Bionicle ads:


That’s where AR advertising shines. AR can make it possible for that toy to appear 3-Dimensional in your phone so you can imagine what it looks like and how it functions.

With Augmented Reality, you can see the model of a car you want to buy from the comfort of your home. You can turn the model, zoom into it and see the inside without having to physically go to the showroom. It’s not just automobiles. Houses, toys and even fashion can benefit from this kind of advertising.

In fact, real estate agents who have paid for advertising like FB ads or Instagram ads can utilize Arleta’s services by making the model that they have advertised in Augmented Reality.

Seeing as going out may be a life-and-death situation, AR may be the way to go for sellers to keep buyers interested.


Have you ever heard of Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign in Brazil? It is an ad that utilized Augmented Reality to ‘burn the ads’ of BK’s competitors.


During this campaign, in Burger King’s app, users can point their phones to ads of Burger King’s main competitor and watch as the ad ‘burn’ on your phone. It is then replaced with Burger King’s ads and not to mention, people who engage with the AR feature get a whopper for free! This is an example of how AR can make advertising much more interesting. Rather than just posting their ads, Burger King’s AR advertisement is shown after their competitors’ ad is ‘burned’. Interactivity is not just this however.

Another famous example is Toy Story’s ad campaign. Pixar made models of Woody, Buzz and a few other characters from the movie available to people through Augmented Reality. There are a few commands that the models could do including dropping like a toy whenever the phrase ‘Bonnie’ here’ is announced. Many nostalgic adults can take pictures with their favourite toy story characters.

Augmented Reality makes the advertisement feel like a video game.


Not only are these types of advertisement fun but it is memorable

Augmented Reality advertising are far and few in between. However, that makes the advertising more memorable. Above all else, advertising must stick in the minds of people. If not, how will buyers know that if they want pizza, they have to call 1-3-hundred-8-8-2525? Be it the jingle or the imagery, if someone remembers your advertisement, you’ve achieved one goal in advertising.

Augmented Reality enhances the experience by providing a 3D model on top of that interesting video you posted. Going back to the toy example, if buyers could see the 3D model of the toy, it will not only give the option to examine it before purchase but they will remember the experience of using the AR features.

Conclusively, Augmented Reality advertising is sure to enhance not only traditional advertising but digital as well. It is convenient, interesting and it sticks in your buyers’ minds. Years to come, Augmented Reality will definitely take over the advertising world and it will make advertising more fun for all.

To get a head start on this AR trend, Arleta might be the one you’ll be looking for. Arleta can enhance online advertising by integrating the usage of augmented reality with digital advertising. As an example, commercials on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram can be made more interactive.

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