NCT Dream’s Boom featured in an AR-specialized app

Two years after its release, NCT Dream’s Boom became the song of choice for an AR-based company, Arleta, for their AR content. Previously, BTS’ hit song, Mic Drop, has made its appearance in Arleta’s app. The BTS content featured the popular Vocaloid character Len Kagamine. This time around, Arleta AR will be featuring NCT Dream’s ‘Boom’. Winning the Album Bonsang or Main Prize at the Golden Disk Award in 2020, ‘Boom’ boasts 1.1 Million Views on Youtube, capturing the hearts of many NCT fans around the world. Not to mention, this song catches the attention of not only NCT fans but even non-Kpop fans. A team in the company has also fallen in love with this exciting song and decided to create a little project of passion for this song in their area of expertise, Augmented Reality.

Credits to SM Entertainment

Accompanied by another famous Vocaloid character, Kaito dancing NCT Dream’s powerful choreography, this Augmented Reality content lets users see the song performed by an anime-styled character in their own home through the Arleta app.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows computer-generated images to appear in the real world, similar to Pokemon GO.

How to view the AR content:

Simply open the app, select ‘NCT Dream – Boom’ and find a medium-sized object to scan with the app, this object will be known as a ‘marker’. Once the app has finished downloading the content, the model will appear on screen, ready to dance at the instance you press play. Position your phones however you like and enjoy the song that will make your heart go ‘Boom Boom’!

How to enjoy the content:

  1. Take pictures with the model
  2. Dance with the model
  3. Go Boom Boom!

Download the Arleta AR app and try it yourself!

Disclaimer: This content is made for entertainment purposes only. No profit is gained from this content.

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta:

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