Meet Our Unity Engineer!

Arleta has a full team of enthusiastic workers but because they work behind the scenes, it is rare that they get a chance in the spotlight. Today, I would like to bring them into attention.

Come and get to know our Unity Engineer, Khuzairi.

Meet Khuzairi

A graduate of UiTM, Khuzairi is the expert when it comes to dealing with problems regarding Unity. What is Unity, you ask? Well, Unity is a game engine where people use to create applications for platforms such as Android or IOS. It is also what is used for Arleta’s own application, Arleta AR.

Arleta is lucky to have such a hard worker for sure. But, how did Khuzairi came to work under Arleta?

He found himself a place in Arleta from a friend and now he’s become one of the most vital members in the company.

“As the Unity Engineer, I found that solving a bug in the software itself was really tough. Especially when you can’t find the solution. Sometimes not even the internet could help,” says Khuzairi. However, as tough as it was, he will see that it will be resolved. Of course, this means that the job itself gets quite stressful.

When asked how he deals with stress, Khuzairi’s choice of activity to deal with it is by taking a short break from working and watch something funny. It is very important to deal with stress instead of letting it build up.

Displaying AR content through an app is not an easy task as many know. But how hard is the task? Khuzairi answers:

“It depends on the complexity of the content. What I mean is, if the content only has a 3D model then it doesn’t take that long to upload it into the app but it might take longer if the content has a lot of interaction with the user.”

As of now, Augmented Reality is still foreign to Malaysians. Khuzairi believes that it is because many have yet to realize the true potential of AR. “AR still requires access to the internet and devices. With our current country’s economy, I don’t think many have that access.”

“In the future, though, I think all Malaysians will need to use AR in their daily life such as in navigation, shopping etcetera and Arleta will be there as the first to create this kind of technology in Malaysia.” Khuzairi strives to make AR and Arleta beneficial to his country. We’re counting on you, Khuzairi!

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