Interactive advertising – What advertising looks like now

What is interactive advertising?

Interactive advertising is as the name suggests, an advertisement that can be interacted with. Instead of just watching that 5-minute advertisement about ice cream, an interactive advertisement will encourage you to do something be it search for something, scan a QR code or go to a certain website.

So, why is interaction important?

The whole purpose of an advertisement is to get attention because from attention will a product be remembered. When a product is remembered, the likelihood of customers choosing that product is significantly higher if only to test it for the first time. Currently, companies are striving to create more interactive ads. Read on to see 5 examples of interactive advertising:

5 examples of interactive advertising

1. Budweiser “Tag Words” campaign

Budweiser’s ad campaign uses search words in their ads. The campaign was held in Brazil where passersby would see random words. When those words are put into Google’s search bar, it will reveal pictures of celebrities with Budweiser’s product. Rather than just using those pictures as their poster, the company encourages the people to interact with the ad instead. Plus, seeing your favourite celebrities with the product might encourage you to get one for yourself.

2. Ikea Pregnancy Test Ad

When Ikea was promoting cribs, they made a printed ad with the words ‘pee on this ad’. It was supposed to mimic a pregnancy test, fitting to the idea of a crib. If they are positive, they will be able to get a discount on the next crib they buy. The ad may sound disgusting but it got attention and it encourages interactivity despite how odd it is.

Source: IKEA
3. Lego choose your ending

Lego commercial that lets you choose how the story goes. There are three you can choose from and all of them unfold in different ways to save Lego City. This feature keeps the viewers engaged enough to want to know more.

Source: youtube
4. Hulu offers easy ticket purchase

After a movie ad, Hulu makes it possible for their subscribers to buy tickets immediately if they want to. This is useful for both the subscribers and Hulu as subscribers can get the tickets as soon as they want and Hulu will get some commission from the purchase.

Source: Hulu
5. Santan AR packaging

Santan’s packaging can be scanned to reveal an AR book filled with recipes that can be made with the product. In addition, there was a contest held by Santan that can only be viewed through AR. For the contest, participants will cook something from the recipe book. Then, they will take a picture of the food and post it on social media.

Santan’s AR packaging is a way to ease customers’ search for recipes. Instead of including a physical recipe book, an AR version is much more cost-effective and convenient for the customers to use.

Source: youtube

Interactivity keeps people engaged in your advertising. Rather than just a flyer they are waiting to throw away, they may look at it a second time and that may be the catalyst for them to get your product.  

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