Elevate Your Packaging via AR

Augmented Reality, or AR, is popping up everywhere. Be it in entertainment, in retail and even in medical training. Not only that, AR has even penetrated the packaging industry with its incredibly useful applications. How so? Well, most AR technology is accessible via our smartphones. This makes it easier for consumers to utilize the technology as well. No added fees, no extra tools. Not to mention, a smartphone is now considered a necessity for the general public. That is all you need.

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Speaking of packaging, it is the first thing a customer sees. Is it beautiful, is it simplistic, is it odd? Does it reflect the product? These are some of the qualities that will catch the customers’ eyes. There are various aspects that will influence a customer’s choice of product and one of those aspects is – you guessed it – packaging.

Stand out! Let the world see you!

There are all kinds of packaging nowadays, just go to your nearest market and look at the shelves. Customers have the freedom to choose something that speaks to them. This begs the question; how do you stand out?

The future is now and technology can be seen in every nook and cranny, be it in movies or even in government buildings. Would it be farfetched to incorporate technology into your packaging? The answer I pose is no, it is not farfetched. In fact, I think it is time to use whatever human innovation has achieved in normal everyday lives. Technology like, say Augmented Reality.

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Big companies like Nestle and Pepsi have already started dabbling into utilizing AR in their packaging. What can Augmented Reality in packaging offer, you ask?

3 reasons to use AR in packaging

1. Enhance your packaging to the next level

The space on the packaging is quite limited. However, AR can provide more space for an extra image or some tips and tricks to using your product. With AR, virtual elements can be added to the packaging, making it more informative and engaging at the same time. Additional facts and information, images or even videos can be included by using this fascinating tech.

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Not to mention, AR can encourage customer interaction. When the customer accesses the AR, they would spend more time with your product, hence sparking an interest in them to delve in deeper about the product and even the company making the product. Forming a bond with the customers will increase the chances of them picking out your product over others.

2. Appeal to millennials

The current era is changing the way people engage with products and companies use innovative tech to do it. Teenagers and young adults are accustomed to technology since childhood. They are always looking out for technology-enhanced things. Why are we talking about this generation known as millennials? They are the generation that will test out the AR out of their own will. It is definitely important to get their attention.

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Millennials are becoming the decision-makers which are why using AR packaging is ideal. The use of AR in packaging will catch millennials’ interest to experience and this fascination will lead to this modern trend. Not to mention, when millennials are the target market, there is a bigger chance for your product to go viral. Going viral is quite important because it will get the brand name out there.

3. Stand out

Since AR is relatively new, you should take advantage of this technology in order to stand out in the competitive market. To keep up with the competition, you need to prioritize advancement in technology and implement more sophisticated elements at every opportunity.

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AR is proven to be one of the elements to attract and retain shopper attention and deepen the relationship between your brand, product, and consumer through packaging.

Let’s bring your packaging to life with AR!

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