Happy 64th Malaysia Independence Day

Happy 64th Independence Day! to my fellow Malaysians.

Our team has worked hard to brings you this exclusive AR Game to celebrate this notable day.

We hope for you and your loves ones to be safe and enjoy this special day together.

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Startups: Actualize Your Entrepreneur Dreams

I’m sure most of us have had this thought at least once in our life be it jokingly or not; “I want to become a boss one day”. There are many ways to get to that point. One of those ways is by creating your very own company but we are well aware it is not an easy endeavour. If you have the idea and the drive to persevere, you are ready for the next step to being your own boss and owning your own company.

What is a start-up?

The Lorry, Runcloud, Arleta and Serv have one thing in common: they are all startups.

But what is a start-up?

In the words of Arleta’c CEO, “Start-up is a business idea that can grow up to 10 times, even 50 times in size. It must be an idea that can benefit not only locally but globally.”

Arleta @ MaGIC Office

Start-up is the very first step to creating a company. It is a term to describe a business that is at its beginning stage. Every company begins with a start-up be it a company like Google or Apple all the way to Sony. It starts with an idea and is followed up with an investment into that idea.

Why are start-ups important? Well, every company has to start somewhere. However, that is not the only significance of start-ups. No company can jump straight to the top, everything has a starting point, hence the name ‘start’ up.

Not only that, start-ups are also important to the economy. As a company, start-ups generate income for the economy as well as create more job opportunities which is always a need. After start-ups are scale-ups where the company expands; but that is a story for another day.

Start-ups are the endeavours of individuals who are innovators. They dream big and have a vision of where they want to be and where they want their company to be. One has to be steadfast and determined to start their business.

Did you know? Grab started in Malaysia but they relocated to Singapore where they were able to grow globally. They did not give up, they just changed their strategy. That is what it means to be a CEO of a startup company.

The first step

So, you have an idea and a plan for your very own company. You’ve read up on the topic and you are determined to see your plan to succession. What’s the next step?

There are quite a few organizations that want to support aspiring business owners in Malaysia. It is important to encourage the creation of companies as they are a big contributor to the country’s economy. One of those organizations is Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre, also known as MaGIC. Arleta too, found its footing with the help of MaGIC.

What is MaGIC?

MaGIC is an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) that “facilitates, navigates and enables the ecosystem with the mission of strengthening Malaysia’s position as an emerging innovation nation” as stated on their website.

How does MaGIC help?

MaGIC has helped start-ups by providing an office for a certain period, providing mentorship and guidance, and creating opportunities for them to get feedback from investors and the public. MaGIC will help companies find their footing and load them with the right knowledge to have a company. Keep your eyes open for their programs!

When there is a will, there is a way. Starting a company is as scary as it sounds, but remember that you will never achieve your dreams if you don’t take the first step. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Mark Zuckerberg have proven to you that it is possible. But you have to make that decision.

Who knows, your company may become the next ‘Unicorn’.

What is a Unicorn?

Although it is not the main mission, every start-up dream of becoming a Unicorn. The definition of a unicorn is a privately held start-up company with a current valuation of US$1 billion. Some examples of Unicorns that are familiar to us are ByteDance, Canva, Epic Games, and J&T Express.

5 tips for start-ups

Just with a click, you can find a number of tips given by all kinds of people on creating your own start-up and it is usually quite a long list which is understandable. For beginners, the 5 tips we follow are:

  1. Be focused.

Before you even start your company, get to know what you want to do. Do you have the passion for it? Will your start-up be of help to others? If you don’t like what you do, how can you convince others to want what you have to offer? That is why it is important the big ‘Why’. Why did I choose to create my own start-up? To benefit people in what way? Does the public need it? How do you convince them they need your services? When you can answer that ‘why’, it means you know your purpose and you will not lose sight of where you want the company to go.

2. Learn.

Never stop learning. Learning does not mean hard facts alone. Learning can also come from experience. When you fail to reach the goal you set up for yourself, find out why. Learn from those mistakes. In fact, you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

Another important thing to learn from is criticism. Sure, in the beginning criticism hurts, that is a fact. However, if you don’t look at them, you don’t know why people are criticising your product. Even the harshest criticism has its value. If it’s something you can’t control, find ways around it. If it’s pure spite, leave it. Don’t dwell on the negative but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

3. Benefit.

Your company exists to sell products or services that will help your clients. That is the main purpose of a company. Always, always remember that what you are doing is for the people. Make sure your company is doing its best for the people, your clients. When you want to introduce a new service or product, always remember what the client wants. Do they want style over functionality? Or do they prefer functionality over appearance? Listen to your clients and make sure you tick their boxes as much as possible.

4. Plan.

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Reaching from point A to point B is not a difficult task most of the time. However, it is to reach point B efficiently that can be quite a challenge. Two companies can aim to reach 100 sales but if one has a decent plan while the other doesn’t, chances are the one with a plan may reach those numbers first. From brainstorming to preparation to execution all the way to post-mortem, one must have a good idea of where and when to do certain tasks.

5. Adapt

Friendly reminder that even if you have a plan does not guarantee you success. It brings you closer but it won’t be the reason you reach the numbers you want. Adapting is also important. Do not stress over small things that interrupt your plan. Work around it, be flexible. Have backup plans. Do not just stop when things aren’t going your way. Remember that you have a purpose for doing this and that is to help people. You love what you do and you don’t want to see it fall to pieces.

That brings us to the most important tip of all which is to never give up. Nothing is easy in life but that doesn’t mean you have to quit. Persevere, stay determined! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Arleta’s dinosaur week

Palaeontology or the study of dinosaurs is an interesting subject. Tales of past beasts roaming this very earth millions of years ago excites the minds of both the young and old. The movie Jurassic Park further cements the status of dinosaurs in pop culture, keeping it alive in the minds of people.

Who hasn’t heard of the T-Rex? Who hasn’t read about the Pterodactyl? Dinosaurs has been a topic we are familiar with since childhood. Despite their actual appearance being up to debate, many of us are still fascinated by these beasts known as Dinosaurs. A large chunk of us who are still children. Young minds still curious and excited to learn about everything the world has to offer.

So why not let them satisfy that curiosity?

Malaysia’s National Science centre has a whole section solely for fossil digging and dinosaur education. Not only that, in their garden stands various dinosaur statues. Even Petrosains located in KLCC had a singing T-Rex that has etched itself in my own memories. These experiences solidified my interest in dinosaur as it did many of my friends.

However, with the current situation, lockdown and such, taking children to these places to nurture their interest in science is becoming nearly impossible. To counter this problem, Arleta is trying to bring science to you!

With the intention of sharing the wonders of dinosaurs, Arleta is having a dinosaur week in July. From 1st of July, the Arleta AR app will feature seven unique dinosaurs to be viewed and interacted with. Users can observe what kind of habitat these dinosaurs live in, what they sound like as well as learn some fun facts about these creatures of old. Go deep into the sea floor and watch how the Plesiosaur swim or fly up high with the Quetzalcoatl.

For dinosaur enthusiasts everywhere, young and old, everyone can join in the fun! Download Arleta AR now and try it yourself!

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SayapProduction.ArletaAR&hl=en&gl=US

Augmented Reality: Teaching Aid for Online Learning

As of today, online learning is the new norm globally due to the pandemic. Social distancing has made it difficult for teachers to conduct physical classes which leaves e-learning a viable option. This shift poses as many challenges as it provides benefits. Lack of interactivity, difficulty in presenting an example and such. Sure, online learning sounds futuristic but it lacks a ‘human touch’ that keeps the students engaged. Not to worry, Augmented Reality might have a solution for these challenges.

Here are 4 reasons why teachers should consider AR in their online classes:

  1. Experiment in a safe space

One of the most anticipated activities students look forward to in schools is doing experiments. From mixing chemicals to cutting open a frog, experiments are something students can only do exclusively at schools under a teacher’s supervision. However, now that schools have been closed and classes are taking place online, doing these experiments seem too complicated to do. Augmented Reality is able to bring back that interest in students.

With a 3D model on their phone screen, students can interact with these models and mix the chemicals themselves. Say they want to mix sodium with water. In real life, it could be dangerous as the chemical reaction can cause an explosion but by using AR, students can still see the reaction with zero risks on themselves.

2. Improved student engagement

Comparing a picture of an octopus in a book with a 3D model of an octopus that comes alive through a smartphone screen, which of these two ideas would attract an average child? Most children would pick the octopus that appears out of the picture. Why? Because they can see it move around. With Augmented Reality, the octopus may even dance if it is programmed that way.

Imagine bringing this into the classroom. While learning about the respiratory system, students who can see the lungs expanding and contracting would be more intrigued by the subject compared to those who are given a still picture. A 3-D model that can be viewed and be interacted with enhances their learning experience especially when they can see the shape of the lungs, the airflow and the bronchi behaviour when it expands or contracts.

Credits to Sugar 3D on YouTube

This will not only attract the student’s interest but keep them engaged.

3. Budget saving (compared to a model)

In school science labs, Human Anatomy Torso Models are available as a teaching aid. The problem comes from having only one and everyone has to take turns. What if there is a way for everyone to get their own model? One model costs about RM100-RM500 depending on the quality and size so how is that possible? With AR, of course.

See, everyone has their own smartphones nowadays. All they have to do is download an app to view Augmented Reality and they are set. Teachers can create their own Augmented Reality Teaching Aid and tell their students to view it.

An actual model costs from RM100 to RM500
Credits to galaxymed

4. Accessible anywhere

As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, your 3D model of a heart can be viewed anywhere you want. In the library, at a café, even at home, it is accessible. No more confusing yourself with how a Rafflesia looks from above when all you have is a picture of it from the side. Simply scan the picture on your phone and a Rafflesia model will pop up.

Here at Arleta, we want to make Augmented Reality available to all. We make it our mission is to familiarize people with Augmented Reality in their daily activities be it in education, problem-solving or entertainment through our platform, Arleta AR.

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SayapProduction.ArletaAR&hl=en&gl=US

AR & VR: Are they different?

It’s the year 2021 and technology is growing faster than ever. In the past, we dreamt of flying cars but now although an actual car that can lift off the ground has yet to exist, we can see flying cars. How you ask? Through two important technological advances known as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

What are these words? How can there be more than one reality? Don’t get too worked up! Technology has made it possible for us humans to experience a new type of ‘reality’. Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible for us to see digital content in the real world. On the other side of the spectrum, Virtual Reality (VR) creates a ‘reality’ in the digital realm for us to experience. Both of these ‘realities’ can aid us in seeing actual flying cars in the sky.

Now then, why are the two capable of doing the same thing separate? That’s because the two are different in nature. Augmented Reality adds to the user’s reality meaning the content, viewed through a smartphone, appears to be in real life. Similar to how Pokemon GO makes the dreams of long-time Pokemon fans a reality by seeing them on the grass in front of their houses. Virtual Reality, instead, lets users enter a new reality. A fantastical world, space, anywhere is possible as long as the user has the specific equipment for it.

Credits to ITmedia

Speaking of instruments, Virtual Reality is more on the expensive side where users have to use a VR headset as well as controllers to look around and interact with the content. AR only requires a smartphone and an app to access the content.

Let’s put it this way. Augmented Reality enhances the real world while Virtual Reality enhances our imagination.

Human technology is starting to reach Steven Spielberg’s imagination in Back to the Future. Maybe not in 2015 but who knows? It may be closer than we think.

“Great Scott!” – Emmett Brown
Credits to fandom.com

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SayapProduction.ArletaAR&hl=en&gl=US

NCT Dream’s Boom featured in an AR-specialized app

Two years after its release, NCT Dream’s Boom became the song of choice for an AR-based company, Arleta, for their AR content. Previously, BTS’ hit song, Mic Drop, has made its appearance in Arleta’s app. The BTS content featured the popular Vocaloid character Len Kagamine. This time around, Arleta AR will be featuring NCT Dream’s ‘Boom’. Winning the Album Bonsang or Main Prize at the Golden Disk Award in 2020, ‘Boom’ boasts 1.1 Million Views on Youtube, capturing the hearts of many NCT fans around the world. Not to mention, this song catches the attention of not only NCT fans but even non-Kpop fans. A team in the company has also fallen in love with this exciting song and decided to create a little project of passion for this song in their area of expertise, Augmented Reality.

Credits to SM Entertainment

Accompanied by another famous Vocaloid character, Kaito dancing NCT Dream’s powerful choreography, this Augmented Reality content lets users see the song performed by an anime-styled character in their own home through the Arleta app.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows computer-generated images to appear in the real world, similar to Pokemon GO.

How to view the AR content:

Simply open the app, select ‘NCT Dream – Boom’ and find a medium-sized object to scan with the app, this object will be known as a ‘marker’. Once the app has finished downloading the content, the model will appear on screen, ready to dance at the instance you press play. Position your phones however you like and enjoy the song that will make your heart go ‘Boom Boom’!

How to enjoy the content:

  1. Take pictures with the model
  2. Dance with the model
  3. Go Boom Boom!

Download the Arleta AR app and try it yourself!

Disclaimer: This content is made for entertainment purposes only. No profit is gained from this content.

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SayapProduction.ArletaAR&hl=en&gl=US