FMC Music’s  Mr Ho, had decided to create a new milestone for their company’s video clips. Before this, FMC Music relied on YouTube where there is an indicator for how the video is performing which is the view count. Mr Ho’s decision to try something new requires something that also has an indication of sorts. In the beginning, Arleta approached FMC Music with an idea of creating an AR video clip on the Arleta app but FMC Music ultimately made the suggestion to put the AR video clip on YouTube. After discussion, Arleta created a lyric video using AR to be posted on YouTube.
The title of the video is ‘Jatuh Bangun’ performed by Haqiem Rusli.


An AR campaign can succeed but only with the right tactics.

The 3Cs of marketing is applied to this AR campaign.
Content, Context and Call to Action


The content is something people want to view which in this case is Haqiem Rusli’s lyric video.

What people can get out of this video, the song, the design of the marker to be scanned which is an image of Haqiem Rusli and the experience of using AR with something familiar to Malaysians.

Call to action
The explanation that when you scan the AR, you can take a picture with Haqiem Rusli.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBDvXzCoQAQSocial Media usage
The link to the AR is provided in the description of the music video for the public to access. Not only that, Arleta utilized their social media platform, mainly Instagram to spread awareness about this campaign. The public is also encouraged to interact with the AR content with the Arleta app and share it on social media. This is another method to attract attention so that other people would join in the campaign.

Result and Impact

From this campaign, we can see that AR can be integrated with social media. Users can see the AR content through YouTube with the help of Arleta’s app. (View count on Youtube)

The impact of using AR in Jatuh Bangun lyric video is that the video went viral and made Haqiem Rusli the first Malaysian artist who has used AR in his music video. The content itself gives people a desire to use the AR, the motivation being to see Haqiem Rusli and take a picture with him. Not to mention it is something very new to Malaysians.

Merchandise sales has also increased by 100% with the introduction of AR in the merchandising. We can see that people are willing to buy merchandise that has AR instead of just with a picture of Haqiem Rusli.

What we can get from this campaign is that AR requires the right strategy for it to succeed. It is not just a gimmick but it may lead to conversion. The selling point is not the AR itself but the interactivity. People are open to try new things especially if it’s something they have an interest in. Using AR is not that different from regular marketing. Get to know the public’s interest and how to utilize it in your AR campaign.