Arleta’s dinosaur week

Palaeontology or the study of dinosaurs is an interesting subject. Tales of past beasts roaming this very earth millions of years ago excites the minds of both the young and old. The movie Jurassic Park further cements the status of dinosaurs in pop culture, keeping it alive in the minds of people.

Who hasn’t heard of the T-Rex? Who hasn’t read about the Pterodactyl? Dinosaurs has been a topic we are familiar with since childhood. Despite their actual appearance being up to debate, many of us are still fascinated by these beasts known as Dinosaurs. A large chunk of us who are still children. Young minds still curious and excited to learn about everything the world has to offer.

So why not let them satisfy that curiosity?

Malaysia’s National Science centre has a whole section solely for fossil digging and dinosaur education. Not only that, in their garden stands various dinosaur statues. Even Petrosains located in KLCC had a singing T-Rex that has etched itself in my own memories. These experiences solidified my interest in dinosaur as it did many of my friends.

However, with the current situation, lockdown and such, taking children to these places to nurture their interest in science is becoming nearly impossible. To counter this problem, Arleta is trying to bring science to you!

With the intention of sharing the wonders of dinosaurs, Arleta is having a dinosaur week in July. From 1st of July, the Arleta AR app will feature seven unique dinosaurs to be viewed and interacted with. Users can observe what kind of habitat these dinosaurs live in, what they sound like as well as learn some fun facts about these creatures of old. Go deep into the sea floor and watch how the Plesiosaur swim or fly up high with the Quetzalcoatl.

For dinosaur enthusiasts everywhere, young and old, everyone can join in the fun! Download Arleta AR now and try it yourself!

Arleta’s biggest mission is for everyone to experience the world through Augmented Reality. Download Arleta AR on Google Playstore now and explore the world with Arleta:

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