Arleta presents Interactive AR Raya Card

Eidul Fitri is just around the corner and Arleta would like to share with everyone an interactive ‘kad raya’. As a company based around Augmented Reality (AR), Arleta has produced an AR simulation game about the ‘balik kampung’ journey in celebration of the coming Raya. Seeing as journeying back to our respective hometowns is impossible at the moment, Arleta hopes this simulation would soothe our aching hearts even for a bit.

Augmented reality is a technology that combines the virtual world and reality through the use of smartphones. Static pictures can come alive through the power of Augmented Reality. Usually, the use of AR requires a specific card or book with the AR already set in the image. However, using the Arleta AR app, users can pick their own marker to view specific contents. This marker can be anything around them from a mask to a notebook, although it is recommended to use a medium-sized object as the marker.

In the aforementioned game, people can interact with the AR Raya Card through controlling a white car eager to reach its hometown. While the ‘Balik Kampung’ song plays, you can stop for gas and press the car horn to shoo wandering cows. It will give you the feeling of going back to your hometown. Near the end, you will be greeted by a phone call. From who? Well, you will have to play it to find out!

Download the Arleta AR app on Google Play Store now and enjoy this interactive raya card from Arleta!

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