AR marketing campaign for Real Estate Industry

House hunting is not as fun as many would think. Sure, the idea of getting your own place sounds like a dream come true but to reach that point, there are several hurdles you have to face. One of them is to look through hundreds of houses.

Knowing that your clients are spoilt for choice, how do you stand above the rest? How can you get them to look at what you have to offer? For us the answer is simple; Augmented Reality.

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1. Stand out among the competition

As stated before, there are hundreds of other choices. What makes you different? Well, Augmented Reality will surely get people’s attention. It’s new, it’s advanced and it’s interesting. The brain is always stimulated by something new. When they have never seen something, the element of surprise will catch people’s attention. From there you get a step up above other competitors.

2. Better Property Viewing

After getting their attention, you need to fully captivate them through its use. The traditional way for clients to see the houses you have to offer is through brochures, pictures and videos. Visual examples are always the way to go. However, pictures alone are not enough. There are still many things that the customer cannot see. Your clients would still want to go to the property themselves to see it and the current pandemic does not allow that.

source: google

Augmented Reality can be of help for this. Creating an Augmented Reality version of the property would solve the problem of visualization. Your clients can see the property immediately without having to go out at all.

3. Enhance client engagement

Clients are more likely to be engaged with your explanation with AR models for them to see. According to a research done by NeuroInsight in association with Zappar, the brain is more stimulated when interacting with AR. ‘The AR experiences delivered almost double the times of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent’ as quoted from the research.

Brain stimulation is interesting but how does this translate to action? Well, clients would be more interested in what you have to say. In terms of the AR itself, the client can view the customization they want immediately. When the house can be seen right before their eyes, their decision-making will go that much faster.

When the clients are interested and involved, the chances of closing the deal are definitely higher. Isn’t that the whole point of your campaign? Augmented Reality is a tool to get returning sales so get started now!

4. Cross borders

Sometimes people want to buy a property in another state for various reasons and usually, to buy a property in Perlis, you have to go to Perlis to view the properties. Due to this, Real Estate agents are limited to clients within their states for the most part. However, with the incorporation of Augmented Reality, it is no longer a problem. Someone from Lembah Klang can survey houses in Perak easily. More clients lead to more sales! Marketing houses is never easy but we propose using Augmented Reality to make it that much interesting and attention-grabbing. Don’t wait much longer! Take this chance and lead the race with Arleta!

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